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Ancient Greek Theater

Tragic Theater

Theater Structure
Tragic Theater
Poets Of Greek Theater

Tragic Theater Grips The Audiences Of Greek Theater And The  Masks Live On!


Athens Gave birth to Tragedy Theater and here it also reached its full flower thanks to the three great tragedians: Aeschylus, Sophocies and Euripedes.  Greek tragedy as a

genre-evolved from primitive parts. The simple part arose from Dionysus a young god of whose worship began to spread into Greece from the north, Dionysus known to all then the god of wine and the generative powers of nature. Tragedy theater evolved from the poem that honored Dionysus people sung and expressed themselves with body movement in a round fashion around an alter of Dionysus in the middle of the theater known for this kind of expression.  The songs were performed by fifty men disguised in the skins of goats which were the worshiped animals of the god of Dionysus, thus the term tragoedia which means goat song was named.


The viewers had little suspense while observing the plays for the general outline due to the point that they had already known a head of time what the story entailed; this is true for the poets chose the stories from well known myths.  The religious festival developed into main interest of the viewer apart from the voting of the plays. The viewer’s interest of the religious instruction deemed a large part of the outpouring of attendees.  The skill of the performers and the beauty made the play a great part of inspirational irony for the attendees.   


The plays were played out with great talents by men only due to the rule that women were not allowed to take part in the plays. therefore male performers had to play the roles of women. Masks made this possible. The masks played a subtle role in the play used as a toll to portray a different ages, sex and ranks of the time.  The masks are still part of your tradition and are used as symbols of modern theater.